DAKGB ONAFEKO Human Rights is a social enterprise set up by David Abiodun Kolawole Gbolahan Babatunde ONAFEKO. The organisation is based in the United Kingdom and comprises of three separate entities namely :

Human and Civil Rights Convention (HACRC)

HACRC Institute

Greatday Internet & TV.


HACRC President, David Abiodun KGB Onafeko was involved in a justice campaign, anti-corruption, including anti-financial terrorism. He has an extensive human rights credentials. He has a long time record of trying to end or change some ineffective civil judicial systems around the world. His original background is business, management, consultancy and accounting. He has been personally involved with litigation against governments, government agencies, local authorities, banks, multinational companies, etc


He is well travelled and very independent. He himself, was a victim of Injustice, Fraud, Conspiracy, Harassment, Torture, Manipulations, Religious Extremism, Financial Terrorism, etc. 

David Abiodun K.G,B Onafeko


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